Preventative Furnace Maintenance to Save Time and Money

If last year’s weather is any indication of what’s to come this year, preventative furnace maintenance should be of utmost priority when it comes to maintaining your family’s daily comfort. In addition to ensuring your family stays warm all winter, proper preventative furnace maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, ensure optimal performance, and improve energy efficiency, thus lowering your utility bill.

Why Preventive Furnace Maintenance?

Save money on repairs:  Our preventative maintenance saves you the trouble of an unexpected furnace breakdown. Our technicians will identify any repairs your furnace needs, educate you on the options you have and, in most cases, repair the issue on the spot.

Extend the life of your furnace:  Annual autumn inspections and tune-ups can increase the lifespan of your furnace by 30-50%.  With the average life of a furnace being 12-20 years, failing to maintain your heating system can reduce that lifespan to less than 10 years.  And, compared with the price of a new furnace, annual maintenance is extremely affordable.

Reduce utility bills:  Your furnace runs much smoother when it is clean.  The more build-up a system has, the harder it must work.  An annual tune-up removes any thing that can impede its ability to run efficiently.  Studies show routine maintenance can save up to 25% on heating bills.

You wouldn’t wait years to get your car services, so why would you neglect annual furnace maintenance?  Save money, energy, time and frustration by scheduling your 21-point autumn furnace maintenance with Heart.

When and How to Take Preventative Steps

Ignoring furnace maintenance leads to eventual breakdown and increased energy costs. It is this reason that we advocate so strongly for annual furnace inspections and tune-ups during the late summer and autumn months.  In fact, this time of year is perfect for preparing your home systems for the winter months.  Our heating repair technicians will look over your system in order to identify and alert you of potential problems before they become too big and costly to manage.  Experienced with all types, makes, and models of heating equipment, our technicians will be thorough and transparent with you regarding your furnace needs.

If your furnace needs to be looked at, give us a call at 720.619.8752 to schedule an appointment. We offer 24/7 customer service and will answer your call overnight, on weekends, on holidays, and at any other time other businesses may be unavailable.

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