Home Repairs Made Easy with HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing Financing in Denver

A new furnace, sewer line, or water heater can easily unbalance your budget. Unfortunately, that unexpected expense can cause many people to put off their home repairs. Even minor home repairs can come at a bad time for your budget. At Heart, we don’t want the price of your repairs to prevent you from getting the comfort or safety you deserve. That’s why we offer affordable and accessible financing options and payment plans for property owners across the Front Range. Whether you’re looking for electrical financing, plumbing financing, or HVAC financing in Denver, you’ve come to the right place.

Accessible & Affordable Financing for Home Repairs in Denver

With easy financing from Heart, you can get time-sensitive work done on your home and simply pay it off in monthly installments that fit your budget. We have financing solutions available for all of our services (i.e., heating, cooling, plumbing, electric, and drains/sewers). And our financing options are simply unmatched across Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.


At Heart, we offer no-interest financing solutions that require no money down. And our solutions are flexible to meet your needs:


  • Your payments can start as low as $12/month (depending on the service and scope of work).
  • Our financing process does not require a high credit score. People with lower scores can still secure affordable financing with Heart.
  • We have financing available for both residential and commercial properties, and for any size or scope of project (repairs, replacements, etc.).

Our skilled technicians can get your emergency work done today and you’ll pay later during your significant no-interest period. Easy, simple, and stress-free.


Near-Instant Approval Process

We’ve worked hard to make our financing approval process as easy as possible. At Heart, our technicians can get you approved for financing in less than 1 minute!


Let’s say you need a new furnace. When one of our technicians visits your property, all they need to do is gather a tiny bit of information from you and send it from their tablet to our financing company. In a matter of seconds, you can get approved for your furnace financing in Denver!


In 99% of cases, no additional paperwork or documentation is required for these applications. It’s a streamlined, effective, and simple application process.


Enjoy Long-Term Comfort Without Stressing Over Expenses


Far too many people put off their home repairs simply because of the expenses. We get it: this unexpected expense can put significant stress on your wallet. But with our financing for your home repairs in Denver, you can easily fit your home repairs into budget.


At Heart, we strive to prioritize customer service whenever possible. In addition to our affordable financing and quality service, you’ll gain other exclusive benefits from our service, such as:

  • Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor – We’ll cover the repair costs.
  • Apples-to-Apples Price Match Guarantee – If you can find a lower estimate with another contractor, we’ll beat it!
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – If you aren’t fully satisfied with our quality of work, you won’t pay a penny.

Learn More About Our Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC Financing in Denver

At Heart Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, we are dedicated to delivering quality service at an affordable rate. We’ll work closely with you to find, explain, and secure financing for home repairs in Denver that matches your needs and your budget. From emergency plumbing repairs to replacing your entire HVAC system, you’re in good hands at Heart.


Book your in-person appointment with Heart today to learn more about our financing options for your home repairs.

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