Top Money Saving Tips for Heating Services in Denver

Heating and cooling systems play a critical role in our daily lives, keeping us safe and comfortable from the cold during winter and high heats in summer. While your HVAC system is essential, the heating and cooling you receive also comes with a hefty price tag. The average cost of home heating and cooling in Colorado ranges between $500-$1500 annually. This translates into a big chunk of your annual budget. To help you save on cooling and heating services in Denver, we’ve got a few helpful tips for you.

Just stick with our guidance and you’ll be able to save plenty on HVAC installation and maintenance costs.

How to Save Money on Cooling and Heating Services in Denver

1. Check for Leaks

Leaks of any kind can be costly for your home. Whenever you’re by your closed windows or doors, check to see if you can feel any drafts in the area. If so, you likely have an air leak in that area, which allows heat to escape and cold air to enter your home. Those types of leaks can increase your heating costs in the winter, so make sure you get any air leaks solved ASAP.

2. Get Your System Serviced Regularly

If you have a furnace, make sure that it’s serviced often to keep it functioning properly all year round. On average, your furnace or heating system should be inspected by a professional at least every two years. A technician will clean out filters, replace worn parts and inspect the system for leaks to keep your system functioning optimally. And when you’re on top of your HVAC repairs and maintenance, you’ll be able to save more money in the long run.

3. Use Natural Gas When Possible

Natural gas is cheaper than electricity and oil products. Plus, natural gas burns cleaner than other fuels and emits fewer pollutants. While you may need special equipment or heating systems to use natural gas, it may be a good investment for your property and generate plenty of savings for your wallet and the environment.

4. Insulate Your Home

Every property owner understands the significance of insulation: it keeps heat inside and cool air outside. Insulation helps prevent heat loss and keeps your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you really want to cut down on your heating costs, then check on the condition of your insulation in your attic, your walls, and elsewhere in your home. If the insulation looks worse-for-the-wear, then replace it sooner rather than later to keep your home temperatures nice and comfortable.

5. Choose the Right Size Furnace

Furnaces come in many different sizes and some are best suited for larger properties while others are great for smaller ones. Make sure you choose the right size for your property. Larger furnaces are more effective at heating large spaces and vice versa. Your heating costs may have been historically high because you’ve been using the wrong-sized furnace for your property. Schedule an HVAC service appointment today to check if your HVAC system is suited for your property.

All of these tips can help you save money on heating and cooling costs, however, they usually require an upfront cost. Investing in energy-efficient spaces and utilities can dramatically cut back on your energy usage, and money spent over time, so these home improvements are generally considered to be worth it in the long run.

How Can Heart Help?

A fully functioning heating system is essential for any building in Colorado during the cold months. If you’re looking for heating services in Denver, you’ve found the right place. At Heart, we can help you out with any kind of heating system at any kind of property. We can handle your heating system repairs in Denver, Fort Collins, and other cities throughout the Front Range, no matter the manufacturer, model, or damage level.

We Can Help You Save Money

It’s no secret that seeking professional home services can be costly. That’s why we have multiple options and opportunities at Heart to help you save! Here at Heart, we offer memberships for all our clients that provide great discounted rates, helping you save big money in the long-term. And if you’re ready to upgrade your HVAC system, but don’t have all the necessary funds, we can help with flexible financing options on all of our services. On top of that, we offer apple-to-apples price match guarantees on everything. If you can find a lower price than any of our quotes for the same quality service, we will match it no questions asked.

Are you ready to see our Heart guarantees in action? Schedule a service today and see why we have over 1000 5-star reviews!

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