How Flushing Can Save You Money (Your Water Heater, That Is)

What does this mean to you?  How can removing the water in your water heater and then refilling it make a difference to you? You might be surprised at just how beneficial a tank flush can be to prolonging the life of your water heater.  Aside from being recommended by manufacturers, this routine maintenance can save you money and prevent wear and tear on the equipment.  Let’s see how.

Removes sediment

Most homeowners aren’t aware that sediment builds up within the tank and is the number one cause of water heater failure. This debris builds up on the bottom of the tank between the burner and electrodes hamper heating of the water. Flushing the tank removes that sediment, keeping your water heater running efficiently.

 Improves heating times

The debris we mentioned above can delay the heating process in your water heater. As well, it can cause your hot water to turn cold. Routine maintenance can provide a noticeable impact on hot water access in your home.

Appeals to your senses

Scale, a mineral deposit from hard water, builds up on the interior lining of the water heater, causing the equipment becomes noisier. This noise becomes a strong indicator of impending water heater failure. And, as the scale continues to build-up, your water heater is unable to circulate water properly. Flushing your water heater can prevent scale build-up and eliminate that noise. Sediment prevents water from moving correctly which will lead to stagnation. Just as a body of water without a flow or movement smells bad, the water in tank will stagnate and smell foul. The longer the situation exists, the worse the smell gets at the faucet.

Lowers energy costs

When your water heater is working in pristine condition, your energy bill is lower. The same is true for maintenance. Flushing your water heater routinely removes impediments that can slow heating cycles and reduce heating ability – showing up on your bill as increased energy savings.

Happy to help.

At a minimum, an annual flush can provide you with energy savings as well as prolonged life of your water tank.  Because there is no special time of year to flush your water heater, we are available to service your water heater today to extend the life of your tank and keep your hot water flowing. Call our friendly customer service team at 720.619.8752 to schedule your water heater flush today. Heart Family Maintenance Members receive their water heater flush at no additional charge.

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