Getting Ready for Longer and Warmer Days

The weather in Denver can be like a moody teenager – cloudy and cold one moment, then bright, cheerful, and vibrant the next. This is especially true when transitioning from winter to spring.  Although we have a few weeks of cold weather to come, now is the time to prepare your air conditioner for warmer temperatures.

However, for those in-between times when its not cold enough for the heat and not hot enough for the AC, what can you do to manage that seasonal transition period?

  1. Open your drapes during the day to capture natural heat, then close your curtains during the night to hold that heat in.                                                                             
  2. Open windows or use ceiling fans to circulate the air in your home, while allowing fresh air to replace stale or stagnant air from the winter.
  3. Turn off your heater at night as the temperatures grow milder. 
  4. Clean leaves, dead plants and debris from around your air conditioning compressor, providing it with a minimum clearance of two feet on each side of the unit.
  5. Consider upgrading your thermostat to a programmable one.  Costs begin at $15 for a multi-option, weekly programmable thermostat to more than $130 for a wifi enabled version. 
  6. Clean your supply and return vents and grills.  No better time than spring to remove pet hair and dust from your circulation systems.
  7. Call to schedule annual maintenance on your air conditioner.  Once temperatures get to 65 F, our technicians can come out to perform an in-depth tune-up off your HVAC system which includes checking coolant levels, inspecting for leaks and changing out that air filter.

NOTE:  Keep in mind, though, running your air conditioner at temperatures below 72 degrees F can potentially cause damage to the unit.  The compressor is lubricated with oil which becomes thicker in colder temperatures and cannot lubricate the system as it should.  Furthermore, running your AC in cold temperatures can cause the cooling coil to freeze and damage the unit.

As the days become longer and warmer, Heart Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electric is available at your convenience to prepare your cooling systems for the coming season. Give us a call at 720.619.8752 to schedule your annual maintenance – $39 and no service call fee.

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