Do I Need a Whole-House Humidifier?

If you have chronic allergies or similar conditions, you’re probably no stranger to portable, personal humidifiers. For those who frequently suffer from discomfort related to dry air, a whole-house humidifier may be an option to consider. Interested in learning more about this option? Here, we share the details to help you determine if a central humidifier installed by your local HVAC service is the right choice for your home:


Colorado’s semi-arid to very arid conditions often cause dry skin and hair, irritated nasal passages, and sinus congestion. If you’re tired of struggling to manage these conditions, keeping your home at the optimal humidity level may help alleviate these symptoms. Additionally, buildings kept between 40 and 60 percent humidity are more effective at keeping the spread of viruses at bay.

While a personal humidifier for one room is a viable option, effortlessly managing the humidity in your entire house is a more appealing choice for many homeowners. A central humidifier installed by a team of HVAC experts will allow you to add moisture to each room in the home without having to worry about frequent maintenance. Portable humidifiers need to be cleaned often to avoid mold and bacteria buildup, in addition to adding new water after each use. If you use your personal humidifier often, making the switch to a whole-house humidifier will save you time and may even cut down on energy costs. Since a whole-house humidifier is integrated into the HVAC system and utilizes water from the water system, no refills are required.

If you’re content using a personal humidifier on an as-needed basis, a whole-house humidifier may not be the best choice for your household. However, for individuals who constantly keep the portable humidifier running and would like a lower-maintenance and more effective option, contact your local HVAC service to learn more about this solution.


We offer two types of whole-house humidifiers: an evaporative humidifier and a steam humidifier. Evaporative humdifiers are a great choice for many homeowners, but steam humidifiers offer a low-maintenance experience from start to finish. This type of humidifier is often regarded as the simplest to install and maintain. If you have any questions about which type of whole-home humidifier is best for your needs, contact our team of HVAC professionals.

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